About Me

Bettina Jordan, Owner Vintage Beads by Bettina


My Name is Bettina and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. My first on-line beading experience was the sale of beads on the BoxLot auction site in 1998. As I grew more comfortable with this new thing they called the Internet, I ventured into selling more and more of my vast collection of vintage beads. I will never forget the excitement I felt whenever I discovered that someone had bid on one of my auctions…a sense of elation that is renewed each day. The Auction format introduced a wonderfully new venue for buyers and sellers alike. The only reservation I had was that, by nature of their very size, these sites seemed too impersonal. Wouldn’t it be great, I remember wondering, if there was an auction site for Just Beads?

The JustBeads.com bead auction site represents the fruition of a personal dream in which I take great pride in having made a reality. From it’s very inception, my goal was not to create just another multi-category clone of the larger auction sites that existed at the time, but rather to create a virtual community made up of a variety of bead people, individual buyers and sellers, who could to do more than just buy or sell beads-they could have fun, shop around and get to know one another.

JustBeads.com, ( http://www.justbeads.com/ ) , made its Internet debut on May 26, 1999, and, in addition to having attracted a talented array of bead artists and enthusiasts, it evolved to include features such as a comprehensive list of upcoming Bead “Shows and Events”, a national directory of local “Bead Societies” and a “Featured Artist of the Month page” to help introduce new bead artists to the beading community.

I still enjoy the thrill of the auction and continue to sell my collection of Vintage Beads here as well as on JustBeads!  If you would like to see the large collection that I have posted on JustBeads, please feel free to visit the JustBeads.com Vintage Bead auction site.  Prior to the site crash in December of 2009, I received more than 5,000 feedbacks, (100% Positive).